Explode It!

Explode It!

Use magnets to blow things up


  • Easy to learn
  • Good time waster


  • Presentation very basic

Not bad

Explode it! is a puzzle game similar to Bejeweled, where you have to match similar shapes together so they explode, clearing space on the grid.

In explode it, you manipulate the rows and columns in the grip by activating magnets, to pull things around. The idea is very simple - when four shapes are joined together, they explode. You are playing against a timer that ticks down. When time runs out, it's game over, but time is added when you explode shapes.

Explode It! is not the best example of this genre, but it's competent, and the explosion sound effect is convincing! The game starts easy and get progressively harder, and will eventually beat you. Occasionally this explode without your help, which makes you feel a bit disconnected. However, experiment with doing nothing at all and you'll you'll see the game over screen very quickly.

In game instructions are minimal, but do the job and you'll soon develop your own tactics. The presentation is a bit sparse and out of date, but this doesn't make Explode It! less playable.

Explode It! is pretty basic, but is a surprisingly addictive game anyway.

Explode It!


Explode It!

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